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Locum/Casual Recruitment Solutions


Medfuture offers medical professionals and hospitals permanent and locum job opportunities through our specialist in-house recruitment team.
We realize the impact staff shortages can have on your team and our communities— which is why we step forward to serving medical employers with high-quality, effective and flexible medical recruitment solutions to fill the gaps in rural medical practice.

No Upfront Costs

We spend thousands of dollars marketing your opportunity to candidates nationwide who are actively and passively seeking a new medical career and yet, you will bear no upfront costs! —Risk-free. T&C Appy.

Relocation Assistance

We provide relocation guidance and assistance to candidates, attracting talent from a wide range of locations, casting a wide net and filtering to the best workers. We help our candidates relocate easily by streamlining the process and handling most of their paperwork.

Passionate Doctors

We ensure our candidates perceive the value of working in Rural and Remote Australia and the access to professional development and support networks that will foster skills and develop leadership.

Sourcing Doctors from Across the Globe

We expand our pool of talents across boundaries to increase your potential of finding the right candidate to perfectly match the needs of your medical practice and keep you ahead of the competition.

Medical Recruitment Specialists

Our team of healthcare recruitment specialists have helped many employers across Australia reduce their staffing efforts by helping them recruit perfect locum medical staff to fill their vacancies. Our straightforward communication with candidates allows us to determine what drives them personally and professionally helping us decide whether they match our client’s vacancy, culture, and objective.

Background / Credential Verification

We conduct background checks in search of inconsistencies between the information an applicant provides and their actual employment history complying with the hiring laws and regulations. Our credentialing process often encompasses a review of the candidate’s completed education, training, residency, licenses, and any certifications, hospital privileges history, malpractice claims history, and peer reviews.

Staying Proactive

We invest time in networking with medical associations, at industry conferences, and with professional recruiters where we’re likely to meet candidates. We conduct effective advertising through professional recruiting sites, social media channels and job boards.

Keep Up with the Competition

As Recruitment Specialists who are dedicated to developing Australia’s Rural Healthcare Staffing Solutions, we understand the increasing demand for medical professionals with the growing number of patients. We can provide you with guidance and insights to ensure your practice is offering a highly competitive package to your candidates.

Infinite Choices

We offer multiple candidate choices to healthcare entities from our rich pool of candidates. We manage a huge global database of medical professionals, go beyond basic searches, and use the right tools and technology to ensure we accommodate more choices for employers to attain successful and suitable placements.

Thorough Screening and Interviewing Process

We conduct careful evaluation at this stage of the process to distinguish top performers from the average. We review each application and determine their eligibility and suitability by making sure the candidate meets the minimum qualifications listed in your original job description, verified accreditation of the medical providers, and then look for skills or characteristics that set the candidates apart.

Locum / Casual Recruitment Solution

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